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Conventional pallet racks

Conventional pallet racks

Classic storage solutions, until today the system is very common in the logistic field.
One of the best benefits is the possibility to be used with most common forklifts.


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Category:  Pallet racks

Flexible configurations, for different kinds of pallet: for different weights and dimensions, short and long side handling.
The pallet racking system allows the access to every pallet and very easy stock control, it is suitable for a huge reference number, with a low economic impact. Different configurations are possible and adaptable over time.
According to the forklift in use, aisles can be designed customized.
The system could be also a high-bay storage solution, with different levels of automation, till stacker cranes. Also Lgv machine could be used.

• It allows direct access to every handling unit
• It gives the possibility to locate different kinds of pallet, for weight and dimensions
• It allows tailor-made solutions according to forklift in use

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