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Palette Shuttle System

Palette Shuttle System

The racking system is provided with deep lane with support guides for pallet, where shuttle runs.
Pallets are moved with forklift, they are positioned at the beginning of the lane and the shuttle provides to move them to the back in store position. Shuttle is relocated from one lane to another one by forklift. When pallets are selected for picking, shuttle provides to carry them to the front of the lane.
Both Li-Fo (Last In-First Out) and Fi-Fo (First In - First Out) are appliable.

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Category:  Pallet racks

Shuttle activity is done by remote control. A special remind is sent when shuttle battery is going down.
Il vantaggio è la mappatura delle scorte e la riduzione dei tempi ciclo di gestione del magazzino, gli operatori riducono i percorsi interni.

Best advantages are stock under control, time-saving for handling, staff travel routes reduce a lot compared to classic pallet racking system. This solution can be implemented also with automated handling system.
• intensive storage
• internal travel and handling timing reduction
• stock under control in every moment

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